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My 2012 Art Summary by khfan12 My 2012 Art Summary by khfan12
Geez, it’s already the end of December? This year went by fast…feels like just yesterday I was dorking around with Amalia drawings xD Well, This year was really tough for me. Not just school wise, but personal life wise. The fact that we have practically no money each month and barely enough food was a major thing that made me change. Habit wise and personality wise. xD I’ll get onto the art talk now :meow:

January - the Mickey bookmark I drew. Mickey is the character for a Glee fanfiction I was working on at the time this drawing was done. I haven’t worked on that fic for a while now that I think about it, and I don’t know if I should finish it, since It’s sort of old-ish now… xD IDK why I submitted it in September...

February – Amalia, oh Amalia…how much I love your smile. Okay, this was when I uploaded the first actual drawing of Amalia that I drew and finished.

March – Kana. A Soul Eater OC who’s story I’ve got to work on. She’s Tsubaki’s cousin and a self-wielding weapon.

April - A re-boot of Max’s original character design. I’ll probably change her hair back to purple with maroon tips like it was before. This re-boot had a lot of…bright colors…

May – The re-draw of an old DannyxSam picture from 2009. Oh, how I can see errors…

June – Lina!! I got more into her and Matt’s story. This was when it was announced that she’s pregnant. It was also announced that she’s due on January 10.

July – My first realism watercolor. And I drew Aqua from Kingdom Hearts. I love how it turned out, and I have more that I eventually want to do for other characters and other various fandoms.

August – I entered :dechauntingkisses:’s contest. That was my re-design for her OC.

September – Well, back in August I had gotten the final Maximum Ride book and read it all within twelve hours (A record, I might add) and I started to get FEELS for Dylan. The poor bby…I just wanted to hug him…So I drew a little picture of him, and I started to try a different type of coloring style.

October – I decided to give Valerie some more love since she seemed to be neglected compared to my other Misery High OC’s. The marks on her neck are from when she was strangled before she was stabbed. Needless to say that’s how she became a ghost.

November – I drew a digital picture of everybody’s (my) favorite figment-of-my-imagination-that-my-bff-can-also-see, Eddie! :] PS, he says hello to everyone.

December: Oh, I have a few I could have put, but I chose the contest entry that I made for ~JackandDannysGirl’s contest. I made a re-design for her OC Diana/Dimon, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Now, onto 2013!! >D When I will hopefully start college and be able to impress you fools with junk! xD
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December 24, 2012
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